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Technology has helped in the animal husbandry by improving their growth and quality when the water fed to the animals and birds was treated before giving to them.

In the case of poultry some of the Improvements were: Mortality and sick cases among flock decreased, an increase of meat fat ratio and sheen of fur increased, poultry is more energetic, there was reduction in time for chickens reaching a particular weight, feed for the poultry was reduced as the treated water increased solubility of minerals, facilitated better transfer of the nutrients to all parts of the body of poultry via the membrane.

In cows the milk bearing capacity increases and new born calfs are more healthier. Dysentery levels is much low.

Several water borne diseases are minimised and better health is more economic prosperity.

Understand the importance of water ... it can do much good to you the animals and other beings.

पोस्ट टॅग्ज:

Treated Water benefits in Animal Husbandry.

Davinder Singh

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